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Locke Cole is the primary male protagonist of Final Fantasy VI. Locke is an average Thief and the man to go to when in need of agile hands, information retrieval, or someone to be on a quick lookout. Locke is the second in command of the Returners and deals mainly with recruiting.cue Final Fantasy VI overworld theme Locke Cole from Final Fantasy 6, also known as Final Fantasy 3 during its United States release on the Super Nintendo Entertainment System. That was a good third installment for the series in the US. I haven't played this game since probably back in 2010. locke cole final fantasy

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Locke Cole is a playable character in Dissidia Final Fantasy NT and its arcade version. He represents Final Fantasy VI. Locke's default player title is Nameless Adventurer. His manikin counterpart, the Transient Pathfinder, is colored red. A treasurehunter and trailworn traveler, searching the world over for relics of the past Locke Cole is a contact and saboteur for the Returners, an underground resistance group at war withlocke cole final fantasy Square's roleplaying video game Final Fantasy VI (released as Final Fantasy III in North America) features fourteen permanent player characters, the largest number of any game in the main Final Fantasy series, as well as a number of characters who are only briefly controlled by the player.

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How can the answer be improved? locke cole final fantasy Locke is a playable character in Final Fantasy VI. Locke's job wasn't listed within the Super Nintendo version of the North American game. It was removed. Within the Final Fantasy III Nintendo Player's Guide, his job is given as Treasure Hunter. The English Gameboy Advance version retained the Locke Cole (written Lock in Japanese) is a playable character from Final Fantasy VI. He is a thief who prefers to be called a treasure hunter , and is a spy for the Returners, the resistance group to the Gestahlian Empire. Locke is introduced as a spy, contact, and saboteur for the Returners May 23, 2018 Locke Cole Moveset Detail Dissidia Final Fantasy NT (DFFACDFFNT) Final Fantasy 6 Lore Terra Branford's Origins Explained Yuna, Rinoa, & LockeKam'lanaut, & Golbez Story Cutscene Images of the voice actors who play the voice of Locke Cole in Dissidia Final Fantasy NT (Game)